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Open Quotes The experienced team at Genesis know how to listen and most importantly how to get results. Within one week of being with Genesis our IT solutions had improved threefold. I am confident that if MWO have any IT problem however serious, Genesis will be able to resolve it quickly and efficiently. They come highly recommended.

Mortimer Whittaker O'Sullivan, Covent Garden Open Quotes


Making sure IT all works together

IT systems are vital in every Company or Charity in the world, and yet increasingly these core assets are distributed through a maze of service providers from Microsoft itself through to tinty bespoke CRM and website providers.Managing this is not only time consuming, it is also notoriously difficult when problems emerge as different vendors blame each other and no one takes ownership

Genesis (Managed Services and Support) provide a simple and elegant solution which allows companies to minimise their Capital overheads by leveraging low cost, high value services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft or Citrix Cloud Solutions, Office 365, Google Docs and Lync/VOIP/SIP telephony into a highly efficient centrally managed service with a single point of contact for all technical issues.

The key difference between our offering and many other Service Managment companies is that Genesis provide in-house dedicated technical staff who will identify, take responsibility for and triage all technical issues through an easy to use service desk or via telephone or email on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis. We also undertake full systems reviews, analysis and implementation of agreed solutions across multiple vendors as a part of this service.

Understanding IT

How do you qualify whether the IT support and systems currently deployed by your organisation represent value for money and whether there are practical cost effective alternatives? It's a hard call for anyone, and this is where Genesis Strategic can help.

A comprehensive overview of IT

Genesis Strategic delivers these savings by helping companies identify and manage their IT strengths and weaknesses, including duplication of process, inconsistent methodology, inefficient systems deployment or imbalanced HR overheads, and can provide practical cost effective solutions to help you make the most of your investment in IT.

It's easy, we do everything for you, leaving you to do what you do best - managing your business. Understanding IT

Staying one-step ahead of your competition

IT support has moved on, it needs to be faster, smarter and available whenever you or your customers want it - we can help you deliver IT.

Computer hardware systems and software packages are more stable than ever, as a result companies just like yours are finding that there are real benefits and significant savings by out-sourcing their IT support management.

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